Bach Progress - Update I

The Bach Translation project proceeds apace.

This morning, I completed the translation of cantata BWV 140, which is probably one of his best (and is definitely one of my favourites). Cantatas 141 and 142 weren't written by Bach, so BWV 143 is next off the runway.

Given that I declared BWV 100 done on July 16th and it's now August 8th... well, I make that 43 cantatas (there's a 120a as well as a 120!) done in 23 days. So, I'm just about maintaining an average of 2 a day (it's actually more like 3 on some days, and then Sundays off). At that rate, if we assume there are 192 of secular cantatas to translate in total, I've got 50 more to complete and they should be done on or around 2nd September. Call it mid-September for the sake of a bit of slack and because I'm a pessimist at heart (and I also know that there is a limit to the amount of German Baroque Lutheran poetry you can deal with in a day!)

I'm on schedule basically!

Meanwhile, a first edition of the complete works of Bach came up for sale recently and, despite pushing and pushing, TOH wouldn't budge and I wasn't allowed to shell out the almost £2,000 it would have cost me. 🙁 I'm frankly a bit gutted about it, though I can't fault TOH's logic! There are somethings which defy logic, though; and owning the entire Bach-Gesellschaft Ausgabe (in an edition once owned by a good friend of Mendelssohn's) was one of them. Oh well. Plough on...