Paws = Pause, geddit

Just as it looked as if I would be able to complete my Bach translation project on time, domestic issues have reared their head (of the house-selling kind) and accordingly the project is on indefinite (but quite possibly extremely temporary) pause.

Sorry about that.

I will get back to BWV 152 as soon as I can.


Bach Progress – Update I

The Bach Translation project proceeds apace.

This morning, I completed the translation of cantata BWV 140, which is probably one of his best (and is definitely one of my favourites). Cantatas 141 and 142 weren’t written by Bach, so BWV 143 is next off the runway.

Given that I declared BWV 100 done on July 16th and it’s now August 8th… well, I make that 43 cantatas (there’s a 120a as well as a 120!) done in 23 Read More...