Classical CD Tagger Bug Fix

Never mess with old code and expect the results to be perfect!

The recent spate of software updating I posted about last time resulted in an "improvement" in the CCDT code that handles making file names "NTFS-safe". The improvement turned out to alter file names after they had been selected for tagging, but before they were actually tagged, meaning that when it came time to modify the tags associated with an audio file, the modifications were written to a file that no longer existed. Result: failed modifications! 🙁

I have now corrected this. The file names still end up "NTFS-safe". That is, they cannot contain characters such as "?", or "&" or "%", even though many of those might be considered fine for a file system on Linux. (The reasoning is that many people will save their music files on a server that uses NTFS, whatever their desktop PC might use). But now the file name change takes place after the tag modification, not before!

Note that this doesn't alter whatever characters you like in, say, a TITLE tag. It's perfectly fine to tag something as, for example, 'Menuet I & II'. The ampersand ("&") will be present in the TITLE tag just fine. But the file will be saved as "Menuet I _ II": the characters which are forbidden on NTFS are converted into an underscore at the point the newly-tagged file is saved to disk.

Anyway: CCDT is now bumped to version 2.09 accordingly and the fresh version is available from the usual place. If you are using an earlier version, simply delete the original from wherever it's stored (which should be /usr/bin) and replace it with the newly-downloaded version, being sure to make it executable by all users. For example, assuming you've downloaded the new version to /home/hjr/Downloads:

sudo rm /usr/bin/
sudo rm /usr/bin/ccdt
sudo mv /home/hjr/Downloads/ /usr/bin
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/ /usr/bin/ccdt
sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/