Down for Maintenance - Advanced Notice

This weekend, I hope to move this website from its current virtual machine host onto a dedicated physical server. The aim is to improve the speed and responsiveness of the site: though the virtual machine it's currently running on is generously provisioned with RAM and virtual CPUs, I think the site 'sticks' for longer intervals than I'm entirely comfortable with. Hopefully, on a reasonably powerful physical server that is also generously provisioned, things should be more fluid and performant.

Unfortunately, transferring to a new machine means there will be an interval when the old virtual machine goes down before the new physical server can take its place. Potentially, that interval could be in the order of a few hours. The site will be completely inaccessible for those hours. My apologies for that in advance. Hopefully, it's a one-off and normal service will be resumed (and stay resumed) fairly swiftly thereafter!

The outage will begin at 10AM GMT Saturday 10th October. I'm hoping it will all be sorted by tea-time the same day. Where's the fingers crossed icon when you need it?!

Updated to add: Turns out that I couldn't be bothered waiting. Today (Thursday 8th October) has been a day of substantial outages as I finagled and finessed my way through to doing what I wanted to do. It wasn't as plain-sailing as I'd hoped, but it's been ultimately successful, and the website can accordingly be considered "Migrated". No further outages should ensue. Sorry for the before-the-warning downtime! (I wouldn't have dared do it under professional Change Request conditions!)