Coming Home

If you’re reading this, it means that my move to self-hosting my website has gone more-or-less according to plan!

I’ve been paying a reasonable amount to Linode for many years now to run a server in New York on which to host this site. It’s not a lot of money (US$12 a month, if you’re really interested), but since this site is now merely a hobby and nothing at all to do with earning an income, it didn’t seem to be a good idea Read More...

Windows Music Players

I am old enough to remember that my first experiences of listening to serious music on serious equipment involved visits to my brother-in-law and borrowing his component hifi for the afternoon!

I “progressed” from that to, in the late eighties, listening on my very own ‘integrated’ hifi (which, given my income levels at the time, was pushing the term ‘hifi’ to its limits, I now realise!)

So what does the listening equipment look like in these days of digital Read More...