A correspondent from the west coast of the USA recently got in touch to say that whilst he enjoyed using some of my music-related software, he regretted having to point out that the code didn’t run properly on his Raspberry Pi running the Raspbian Linux distro …but that he’d hacked a way to get it to work anyway.

A couple of thoughts came to mind when I read that. First, the grumpy-me thought

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AMP Doing Its Job

It’s been a little over a fortnight since I modified my AMP player to work with a database -and, when it does so, to record every ‘play’ it decides on in a database table of its own.

So now, 15 days later, I can analyze that ‘plays’ table to determine if AMP has been doing the job I designed it for: picking a wide variety of composers and music genres, at random, and thus not creating any ‘favourites’!

The first results look good. Click on the thumbnail

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Birthday Presents

It soon being my birthday (and Christmas having just been and gone), it seemed appropriate to buy myself some presents.

The results are as you see them on the left (which you can click on, to make bigger), which encapsulates the current state of my study’s approach to things audio-visual.

We may skip over the small collection of deco glass vases and paperweights, which became something of an obsession during lockdown, and which is only one of three collections in my study. We can also

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The Absolutely Minimal Media Player…

I suppose it had to come sooner or later: since all my media manipulation is done by scripts I’ve written myself (and which are freely available to download for anyone capable of installing ffmpeg and one or two other packages), it seemed appropriate to consider creating a scripted, minimally-functional media player.

The Absolutely Baching Media Player (AMP, to its friends) is the result.

AMP isn’t terribly sophisticated! It takes a physical folder full of FLAC files (it’s

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Distinguishing Artists

In the post-pudding Christmas after-glow, I have come to the conclusion that if I am going to put the recording year into the ALBUM tag (because only by including it there do we properly and completely use recorded classical music’s primary key), we might as well not fear duplicating data in another important matter: namely,

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Turning up the volume…

Before I accidentally wiped the web server that runs this site, I had been blogging about the problem of SACDs and the fact that they are often mastered with absolute peak volumes set to about 6dB quieter than they really should be (for technical reasons). I thus modified by AUAC audio converter program to automatically boost SACD rips by whatever it took to get the loudest track on a CD to be as loud as it could reasonably go without becoming distorted.

Which is fine for SACDs… but

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Time for a change…

That screenshot left of this text contains the answer to an obscure-looking Linux command’s query: when did the file system on my /dev/sdc1 disk partition get created?

The answer is November 23rd, 2019.

Meaning? Meaning that I installed my current desktop operating system almost exactly a year ago. Old-time readers of mine will be astonished, I think, that I’ve managed to maintain the same operating system installation for anywhere near that long! Past practice was for

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Down for Maintenance – Advanced Notice

This weekend, I hope to move this website from its current virtual machine host onto a dedicated physical server. The aim is to improve the speed and responsiveness of the site: though the virtual machine it’s currently running on is generously provisioned with RAM and virtual CPUs, I think the site ‘sticks’ for longer intervals than I’m entirely comfortable with. Hopefully, on a reasonably powerful physical server that is also generously provisioned,

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Coming Home

If you’re reading this, it means that my move to self-hosting my website has gone more-or-less according to plan!

I’ve been paying a reasonable amount to Linode for many years now to run a server in New York on which to host this site. It’s not a lot of money (US$12 a month, if you’re really interested), but since this site is now merely a hobby and nothing at all to do with earning an income, it didn’t seem to be a good idea

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Windows Music Players

I am old enough to remember that my first experiences of listening to serious music on serious equipment involved visits to my brother-in-law and borrowing his component hifi for the afternoon!

I “progressed” from that to, in the late eighties, listening on my very own ‘integrated’ hifi (which, given my income levels at the time, was pushing the term ‘hifi’ to its limits, I now realise!)

So what does the listening equipment look like in these days of digital

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