Further Tentative Steps...

Continuing the theme from my last post, I thought I'd share the following screenshot with you:

That's a picture of Giocoso running on my physical macOS Sierrra Mac Mini (which arrived rather earlier than I was expecting, as you can gather!)

All the nasty 'display' errors have gone away compared with the last time I showed a similar thing; and for the most part, the program now displays and functions correctly, including the correct use of coloured text. The program also still works on Linux, in case there was any doubt! Obviously, things are still not perfect, as that album art window is being displayed in completely the wrong place... and, for now, I have given up attempting to control its precise positioning, as I can't work out a way to do it on this platform. But those are 'mere details' compared to the business of getting music playing, I feel!

The learning curve here is pretty steep, I will admit: macOS simply doesn't handle audio devices the way ALSA on Linux does, for example. Neither does it run X11 natively, so asking tools such as xrandr to tell you the geometry of your screen display is problematic (a polite way of saying: it doesn't work like that!) Such issues are now firmly on my development hit-list.

I may have some more general thoughts to share soon about the macOS way of working as compared to the Linux or Windows way of doing things, too. Right now, I am stumbling, fumbling and cursing my through such trivialities as discovering the need to type Command+C or Command+V in macOS where on Linux and Windows, I'd type Ctrl+C or Ctrl+V (copy and paste, respectively). Since the 'Command Key' when using a standard keyboard is what we mere mortals generally call 'The Windows Key', the difference is quite significant and muscle memory being what it is, I currently have about a 15% success rate in copying and pasting anything very much! But anyway... I'll save such thoughts for a later date. For now: progress is being made!