Giocoso - The Randomising FLAC Player

Giocoso is the gapless, trackless, optionally-randomising, optionally-scrobbling command-line FLAC player for Linux, Windows, Raspberry Pi and macOS.

Version 1 was released on 15th July 2021 and received 13 point releases in the following months, and only ran on Linux. It can still be downloaded from the software archive page, but is no longer under active development. Giocoso version 2 was released on July 22nd 2022 and is now the current version, fully supported and under active development. It is recommended you switch to using Giocoso version 2 as soon as possible, though you may want to consult the 'What's New?' page to determine if any features you find important have been removed from version 2.

Upgrading from version 1 to 2 is easy and is documented here.

2.0 Product Documentation

Click here to view the complete set of user manual web pages for Giocoso version 2.

If you are looking for the user manual for Version 1.x, which is now deprecated, you can continue to obtain it as a PDF download from here.

There is no PDF version of the manual for Giocoso version 2, for reasons of ease-of-maintenance and updating.

3.0 Quick Start Guide

As a quick way of getting the program running and playing music, please follow the installation guide appropriate to the platform you're running on. They are all linked to from the main documentation home page (see Section 6 of the documentation when you get there).

4.0 Product Iconography

As a classical music aficionado, you'll already know that giocoso is the tempo indication that means 'lively, humorous, joyful' or, particularly, 'playful'. Being playful with your music colleciton is what listening to classical music should be all about: even playing a requiem should be a source of joy!

When it came to finding a 'mascot' or icon that could represent all that Giocoso stands for in relation to playing classical music, I couldn't help but think of 'partying cats': nothing seems more playful than a partying moggie to me. You will thus see joyful, playful cats in assorted poses all over Giocoso's user manual and anything I write about the product in these pages going forward. The two partying feline exemplars who have greeted you on this particular page are just two of many (so if you're a dog-person, I apologise in advance: allergy or aversion to cats is no excuse to avoid Giocoso!)

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