Installation Notes for Giocoso 3 on Linux Mint Debian Edition

Linux Mint Debian Edition (otherwise known as 'LMDE') is functionally and aesthetically identical to the more commonly-known Linux Mint distro -but, whereas plain Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu, LMDE is based on Debian Stable. It accordingly behaves, in respect of Giocoso, exactly as its parent Debian distro does: which is to say, pretty much perfectly!

I installed onto a Proxmox virtual machine using the LMDE 6 Cinnamon ISO: the Giocoso installer behaved impeccably and downloaded everything it needed to without incident. Playing music thereafter went equally well:

In-terminal graphics work just fine; creating a database, backing it up, reporting from it and playing, pausing and terminating music with it ...all work just fine. LMDE is a first-class Giocoso host, in other words.

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