Semplice on Windows - Distilled

Here are the instructions on getting Semplice running on Windows 10, distilled into their most concise form. All you get are the instructions on what to type and what to do: no screenshots, no explanations -and if there's a sequence of actions that happen as a result of typing in something, you're supposed to know how to work through those by yourself!

If you want or need the long-form version that does take the time to describe things carefully, step-by-step and with pictures and explanations, click here.

If you are to type in something at an ordinary Windows command prompt, it will be preceded by a 'W'. A "W*" will be used to indicate something that has to be typed into a Windows command prompt running with administrative privileges. If you are to type it into a Linux command prompt, it will be preceded by an 'L'.

Keep in mind that the instructions assume you're starting with a clean slate. If you've already installed (for example) Giocoso on Windows, then you won't need to do most of what follows (because you will already have installed WSL and an X Server): you can therefore jump down to the last three 'L.' commands shown below.

W*. wsl --install (followed by a PC reboot, and the installation of Ubuntu/Linux)
L. sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

W. Install vcxsrv and allow it through the Windows Firewall. Save the settings when prompted to an config.xlaunch file. Move the config.xlaunch file to:

%HOME%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

L. nano $HOME/.bashrc. Append the following text:

export HOST_IP="$(ip route | awk '/^default/{print $3}')"
export DISPLAY=$(route.exe print | grep | head -1 | awk '{print $4}'):0.0

L. source $HOME/.bashrc

L. Install Semplice by running the commands:

cd && wget
bash abc_installer --semplice

L. Run Semplice with the command:


L. Run the command(s) given by Semplice to install required software prerequisites (if any).

W. Install the Dejavu Sans Mono font to improve appearance and apply it to the Defaults and Properties of the Linux terminal window.

Semplice can then be re-run with the same command as before in any folder containing FLAC music files.

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