Target Achieved!

Back on 5th November, I wrote about how I was steadily listening to more and more of my previously-unplayed (in Giocoso, at least!) recordings. With some graphing and a line or two of best-fit, I predicted I might get to the 50%-unplayed mark by about "December 3rd or 4th" -though with some uncertainties around Benjamin Britten Day and the ever-constant acquisition of new recordings, maybe causing that date to blow out a bit.

Well, the graph at the left tells you the original prediction was fairly accurate after all: the 50% unplayed/50% played mark was finally achieved late on November 30th.

I shall now be taking the duration filter off my Giocoso plays: instead of asking to play only those pieces that last less than 20 minutes, I shall ask to play anything, of any duration, provided only that it has not previously been played. This will inevitably slow down the rate at which I play new things... so I shall stop worrying so much about the absolute percentages from now on.

It is pleasing to think that Giocoso is helping me play the 'parts less played' of my too-large music collection in this way.