Giocoso Update - 1.08

A small announcement that I've just released a new version of Giocoso: the current version number is accordingly bumped to 1.08.

The changes made in this version are really quite minor and inconsequential. Principally, they consist of a better tidying up of temporary files when the Giocoso player is interrupted (by a Ctrl+C) or has finished playing something. In earlier versions, if a 'cuesheet' had been produced for a play, that cuesheet would be left lying in the $HOME/.local/share/giocoso folder when the play had finished (or been terminated early). Now, the program deletes such cuesheets as soon as the play terminates for whatever reason.

The second minor change is that the program now outputs (and clears, when appropriate!) a "newplay.txt" and "newplay.jpg" file (in the same .../local/share/giocoso folder) every time a new play begins. It's simply there to allow you to report on 'what's playing right now' when you're not sat directly in front of the PC that's doing the music playing. On a Sunday morning, for example, I quite often ssh to my desktop PC from my Android phone and make Giocoso play that way: I can hear the PC playing music from my bedroom, but I don't have to be using it directly to do so. Following this version bump, I can then simply cat $HOME/.local/share/giocoso/newplay.txt from the same phone to find out what music Giocoso has randomly decided to play.

It happens that I've also created some new cronjobs on my desktop PC to copy the contents of the newplay.txt file to the server that hosts this very website. The result is a 'Currently Playing' page, which gives you near-real-time information (within a minute or so) as to what recording I'm playing. You aren't required to use the newplay.txt/newplay.jpg files in this way, however!

This update is therefore not exactly essential, but if you do decide to upgrade, it's simply a question of typing the command:

giocoso --checkver

...and following the instructions!