Semplice Version 1.0 - Now Available for Download

It's only three months late (!), but Semplice, the all-new, all-singing, all-dancing FLAC manager for Linux, Windows, macOS and Raspberry Pi, has just been released and is available for download, with instructions for doing that available from its web page.

In a nutshell, Semplice allows you to (1) tag FLACs; (2) apply volume boosts to FLACs; (3) concatenate per-track FLACs into single-file, whole-composition SuperFLACs; (4) split SuperFLACs back out into being per-track FLACs; and (5) convert audio files from and to about 7 or 8 different audio codecs (so, FLAC to MP3, for example; or SACD's DSF to super hi-res FLACs).

As such, it replaces the previously-available (1) CCDT; (2) MAXV; (3 & 4) CAO and (5) AUAC programs. These will remain downloadable from this website's software archive page, but will undergo no further development, bug-fixing or enhancement -and I accordingly wouldn't recommend their continued use from this point on.

Semplice aims to simplify the business of knocking together a collection of FLACs into a usable state that will grace any digital classical music collection -and that process of simplifying the management processes involved in such work is precisely why the program has the name that it has! The use of raccoons for the product logo is a little less explicable -or rational! They are playful, mischevious and an utter delight to watch... but none of those qualities really apply to a piece of software! You'll just have to accept the truthful reason for their appearance here: I adore them 🙂

Semplice runs on Windows 10, Windows 11, macOS Sierra to Monterey, the 20+ most popular Linux distros, and the Raspberry Pi 4 running Raspbian, Ubuntu and Manjaro. It's complete documentation is available as a set of web pages from here. The program is free to download, install and use: installation guides and a Quick Start intro to using the program are part of the full set of documentation. The quick version, however, is:

  • cd
  • wget
  • bash abc_installer --semplice
  • semplice