Mozart: Finished... ...for some definition of 'finished'!

The new catalogue of Mozart's works is now finished.

All items have been categorised (though some will no doubt disagree with my categorisations for various pieces). Where the scores exist, incipits have been prepared from them and assigned to the appropriate catalogue items. Where recordings exist, 40-second audio extracts have similarly been prepared and assigned. [...] 

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Mozart: finis!

Today would have been Mozart's 264th birthday... and, quite by chance, it happens also to be the day that I've finally finished the first draft of the new Dizwell catalogue of his works.

The last few vocal works have now been excerpted and incipits found for each of them, so that makes 674 incipits prepared, uploaded and applied to the database, along with 635 40-second audio excerpts for most items. (The difference between the two numbers is that there are a handful of works that are now known to be 'not by Mozart'. For those, I've applied a 'blank incipit', but not bothered with an audio excerpt: simple maths tells you that there are 39 such works). [...] 

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How are your Köchels?

In the world of musicology, I doubt anyone is quite so famous as Ludwig Ritter von Köchel, pictured left. That's because he catalogued Mozart's music in the 1860s and thus bestowed on every Mozart composition then known the 'K' numbers that have adorned them ever since. Mozart, of course, being the veritable God of classical music, Herr Köchel therefore has acquired some of his glory by reflection!

So, whilst non-musicologists might talk about Mozart's Symphony No. 41 -or, conceivably, his Jupiter symphony- those in tune with their inner Köchels know it as K 551. Similarly, Mozart's Requiem is now given the Köchel number K 626. [...] 

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