AMP and CCDT Updates

Another couple of software updates to announce.

AMP is bumped to version 1.08. The code changes are mostly minor and cosmetic and to do with displaying a count-down timer indicating when play of the currently-playing music will end. Slightly unfortunately, a side-effect of this new time display is that if you were to Ctrl+Z to pause play, the countdown timer would be wrong on playback resumption, and two pieces of music would play simultaneously when the resumed piece gets near its end. I may revisit this in the future, but for now, I've just disabled Ctrl+Z completely. If you want to pause playback, hit Ctrl+C and terminate it completely (which actually was my original design goal anyway!)

CCDT is bumped to version 3.05. This code update incorporates a new menu option number 11 if you have gone through all the track-tagging options 1 to 8 and you've installed my CAO package (which turns a bunch of per-track flacks into a single composition-as-whole super-FLAC). The effect is that you can invoke CAO from within CCDT. You don't have to, but if you do, then CCDT basically gets to create and validate a superflac. The CAO is invoked in 'manual delete' mode, meaning that you get to decide whether to pull the trigger and actually delete the per-track FLACs. If you say no when prompted, both the per-track and super-FLACs are left on disk for you to sort out manually with your file manager. I may revisit this at some point and make CAO work in auto-delete mode, but it doesn't autodelete anything at the moment.

The latest software updates are available from the usual place (the third column in the table always gets you the latest versions)

Upgrading to the new versions is just a matter of downloading the new versions of the script (assumed to be to $HOME/Downloads) and then issuing commands equivalent to:

sudo chmod +x $HOME/Downloads/*.sh
sudo mv $HOME/Downloads/ /usr/bin
sudo mv $HOME/Downloads/ /usr/bin

The move commands should simply overwrite the originals with the freshly-downloaded versions, but if prompted to over-write, just agree to the proposal!