AUAC Bug Fixes

I have bumped the Absolutely Baching Universal Audio Converter script up to version 2.0 (from 1.13). The changes are minor and mostly cosmetic, but there are some bug fixes applied too, so the upgrade is recommended. Upgrade by downloading the script by clicking this link. Then, assuming you downloaded it to your $HOME/Downloads folder, just issue this command:

sudo mv $HOME/Downloads/ /usr/bin/

The full documentation has been corrected slightly, too.

The Classical CD Tagger (CCDT) has also been waved with the bug-fixing hammer and has been bumped to version 3.01. This one is quite important to download and upgrade to, since it turns out that version 3.00 has such a basic error in it that very little of it worked! (For which, my apologies).

Anyway: fixed and tested properly now. Available from here. The usual upgrade process applies: download to $HOME/Downloads then run the command:

sudo mv $HOME/Downloads/ /usr/bin/