The Semplice Program Display

1.0 Introduction

Semplice's main program display, when you finally get it running, appears as follows:

At the top of the screen, the Header Area tells you what version of Semplice you're running and in what folder you've launched the program (the 'You are in…' descriptor). [...] 

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Installing Semplice on Linux

1.0 Introduction

My standard practice is to support installing software onto the top 20 or so distros, as listed at Distrowatch in or around May 2022. That means Semplice has been tested to install and run well on the following distros:

Arch-based Distros

  • Arch
  • Manjaro
  • EndeavourOS
  • Garuda Linux

Ubuntu-based Distros

  • Ubuntu
  • Linux Mint
  • Pop!OS
  • Linux Lite
  • Zorin OS
  • ElementaryOS

Debian-based Distros

  • Debian
  • Devuan
  • Linux Mint Debian Edition
  • Peppermint OS
  • MX Linux
  • AntiX Linux

OpenSuse-based Distros

  • openSUSE Leap
  • openSUSE Tumbleweed
  • GeckoLinux Rolling

Other Distros

  • Fedora
  • Solus

Raspberry Pi Distros

  • Manjaro on Pi
  • Raspberry PiOS ("Raspbian")
  • Ubuntu on Pi

The differences between installing on any one of these distros, as compared to installing on any other, are trivial and come down, mostly, to what mix of software dependencies are required to get Semplice working. Each distro tends to come with a unique mix of pre-installed packages, so the ones Semplice finds to be 'missing' will vary as the distro varies. The specific instructions as to what needs to be installed will therefore change... but the overall installation process remains standard, regardless. [...] 

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Installing Semplice

1.0 Introduction

Installing Semplice on any operating system (or Linux distro, come to that) is a simple and standard affair, consisting of four basic steps:

  • Obtain the Absolutely Baching installation script
  • Run the script
  • Run Semplice for a first time
  • Install extra software dependencies

Once the extra software dependencies are satisfied, Semplice will run without drama thereafter. Since the steps are pretty much the same in all cases, with only the specifics of the needed extra software dependencies changing per-distro, I won't document in detail how to instal Semplice on every one of the 20+ distros I've tested it on: there's just a generic 'how to install on Linux' article linked to below. [...] 

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What is Semplice?

1.0 Introduction

Semplice version 1 was publicly released on August 31st 2022 and aims to be a comprehensive set of utilities with which to manage a FLAC-based digitial classical music collection. It allows you to tag your music, to merge it and split it, convert it to and from lots of different audio codecs, and to volume-boost it when necessary.

As such, Semplice replaces previous separate pieces of software, which will no longer be under active development and whose continued use is therefore deprecated. [...] 

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Semplice Version 1 - User Manual

Semplice is my new digital music management application (pronounced Sém-pl-chay!) It helps you apply metadata tags to FLACs; converts back-and-forth between various different digital media codecs; merges per-track FLACs into a single per-Composition superFLAC; splits superFLACs back into per-track FLACs; and allows a non-distorting volume boost to be applied to FLACs. It can even be used to launch Giocoso in Direct Play Mode, should you want to hear the FLACs you've been managing.

The links below take you to different parts of the user manual accompanying the Semplice software. I'd recommend reading the whole lot, of course; but if you're in a hurry, at least read Sections 2 and 3 (Installation and the Program Display sections). [...] 

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Semplice : What's New?

1.0 Introduction

Semplice is (at the time of writing: August 2022) a version 1.0 product, so in one sense, everything about it is 'new'!

More fundamentally, however, it combines the CCDT, MAXV, AUAC and CAO scripts into a single product -and, in the process, each of those 'source scripts' underwent considerable revision on their various ways into becoming a part of Semplice. Those changes will be documented below, with the 'source product' they deviate from being indicated in each case. As newer versions of Semplice are produced in the future, only the differences from the immediately prior version will be listed. [...] 

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